You don't have to struggle through the school year working long hours (on your own time), always feeling like you are scrambling to get organized, and never feeling caught up

This proven step-by-step course, designed by a school-based SLP with over 20 years of experience, is going to teach you everything you need to make your year PREPARED and ORGANIZED. 


You want to...

  • Start each day feeling confident & prepared

  • Plan your lessons well in advance

  • Organize your materials

  • Write detailed IEPs and evaluations

  • Be respected by collegaues, beloved by students, & admired by families

You thought that you could figure this out on your own, but now realize that being a school-based SLP involves loads of PAPERWORK, MINIMAL PREP TIME, and very LITTLE OUTSIDE SUPPORT.

Right now you are likely...

DREADING the piles of paperwork on your desk and unsure how to prioritize while keeping yourself sane. UNSURE how to prioritize all the components of your work and still have a life. OVERWHELMED by the scope of this job.

And you probably are...

REALIZING that graduate school only taught you about 20% of what you need to know. You love this profession but are ready for it to be about the KIDS and not ALL THE PREP!

You are not alone. One of the biggest challenges we face working in the schools is managing our time. Well, guess what?!? I am going to teach you how to create SYSTEMS THAT WORK so you can not only feel confident and organized, but you will find more joy in your work as you shift focus to the kids. 


Introducing Super Organized SLP

A action-oriented, hands-on course for school-based SLPs.

  • STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS through 18+ lessons and four organizational systems with videos, hand outs, homework and more. (Value = $700)

  • High quality MATERIALS and TEMPLATES from one of the longest-running speech therapy TPT stores. (Value = $200)

  • Access to a COMMUNITY of like-minded SLPs who can cheer you on, answer questions, and provide you with support. (Value = $500)

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the above. (Value = $1000)

  • HANDHOLDING and ENCOURAGEMENT by your best cheerleader, me! (Value = Priceless!)

I GET IT! I have been working in public schools for over 20 years. I have been there. And so have my colleagues (until they took this course!). 

Here's what previous students have to say:

“"Super Organized SLP" course has given me the tools and confidence to develop both the goals and a solid game plan to have a truly efficient and successful school year. Rather than dreading the back to school chaos that I've experienced in the last few years, I am instead excited to try out all the new techniques to keep myself on-track and as stress-free as possible.”


“The super power speech organized SLP course was an amazing resource! Cheri created a really thought-out program that can be used from primary to secondary grades and focuses on making your life more streamlined, simple, and stress-free! It is definitely worth the subscription to invest in yourself and your students-- these are the lessons they didn't teach you in grad school!!”


“I love that Cheri covers strategies and tools that address all of the most important planning and administrative topics for school-based SLPs, and that she was very accessible and supportive. I feel much more prepared for my clinical fellowship now, and can’t wait to start implementing what I’ve learned!”


“I didn't think I would learn too much more on how to be organized from this course. I was so wrong. Everything I learned from this course was new. The ideas and forms that were provided are so helpful and have helped me to become more organized. So, if you want to be more organized and have more time for the truly important parts of your job, this course is just what you need!”


“This course is not easy, but it sure is worth it. There will be a lot to do, but all the activities are purposeful and effective. They are set up in a way that makes you feel very successful. AND, as a bonus, in four short weeks (seriously, it flew by!), I’ve front loaded a lot of the tasks on my organization to-do list for next school year, and am feeling confident and prepared. I even have a lesson plan for all my students for the first month of school! Do yourself a favor and take this course. You will not regret it.”


“I was extremely impressed with how thorough this course was, there was so much material covered. I also appreciated how flexible the strategies were. Adapting the tools to fit my situation was encouraged and support within the private FB group helped with problem-solving solutions and to help stay on task to complete the program. The program is a lot of work, but SO worth the time and financial investment. I'll be so much more prepared for next school year now!”


Cheri Dodge Chin


Dr. Cheri Dodge has one of the longest-running speech therapy blogs in the world for people who want to be organized, feel confident, and empower themselves to work at their full potential. She has worked in public schools for over 20 years as a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology consultant. She is also an adjunct professor, researcher, presenter, hiker, avid reader, Peloton rider, and student (working on her 2nd doctorate degree). Cheri loves hanging out with her two teens, two Aussiedoodles, and husband in their home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Thank you for joining her on this epic adventure to become more organized!

You are ready for Super Organized SLP if...

  • You are passionate about becoming your best SLP self, and you're willing to put int eh work to make it happen.

  • You would love guidance and coaching to feel organized and you are open to adapting ideas to best fit your needs.

  • You are excited to put in the time now so that the rest of the year (and your career) runs more smoothly.

  • You don't went to invest thousands of dollars into life coaching, career therapy, or a new career.

You are probably NOT ready for Super Organized SLP if...

  • You want someone else to organize your work for you. No one can do it but you.

  • You are not willing to try out and adapt new ideas.

  • You don't have time to invest in your future self.

  • You would prefer to pay tens of thousands of dollars to go back to school and change careers.

You can do this!

Being a school-SLP is difficult

  • It is an ever-changing field with a huge range of children. I have found that the best way to meet the many needs of your clients is to be well organized.

  • Don't wait until you are decades into your profession to figure these things out. Learn from my mistakes, trials, and errors and really spend time to invest in yourself.

  • Don't worry! I'll be holding your hand every step of the way!

Let's Get Organized!

Bye-bye imposter syndrome!

  • $299.00

    One time payment

  • 3 Monthly payments of $105

    3 Monthly payments of $105



  • When does the course begin?

    You can begin lessons whenever you want and have lifetime access!

  • Does this course include continuing education credits?

    After the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used for 10 hours of professional development hours. Read more about the process here:

  • Why should I pay for this course?

    I have combined my doctoral degree, 20+ years of experience, hundreds of blog posts, and 180+ materials and wrapped them all into one awesome course for you. This course will save you hundreds of hours of time finding this information yourself and will save you at least 40 hours of precious hours during the school year! The total value of this course is over $2000!

  • Will this course work for SLPs in all educational settings?

    Most of my professional experience has been in the elementary school setting and my materials are primarily designed for that population. I have, however, had numerous students go through this course who work in a middle, high, or pre-school setting. They did need to adapt certain elements to better meet their needs and not all of the downloads were applicable. If you are in one of these settings, note that not everything in this course will apply to you.

  • Does this course apply to teletherapists?

    Yes! This course was not originally designed for teletherapy, however, I have had teletherapists rave after completing it. Most of the lessons in this course are about electronic organization and materials. If you are a teletherapist or practicing distance learning, most of the modules will still apply!

  • How much time is involved?

    There are 18+ video lessons (time from 2-20 minutes). I suggest you initially go through the course quickly to get a feel for the lessons and download your materials. This will require about one hour of lecture materials per week and 1-2 hours of homework. You will have lifetime access to the course, so you can go through the materials at your own pace on the second time around.

  • Can experienced SLPs take this course?

    Of course! If you struggle with organization, then this course is for you regardless of your years of experience. There is always more to learn and new ideas to try out.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Of course, I want you to be happy, so there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you request a refund within 7 days of purchase.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome video!

    2. Get your emails!

    3. Google Folders

    4. How to use your Workbook

    5. [Pre-course webinar] Getting Ready for School in Your Swimsuit

    6. [Pre-course webinar] Badass Organization 101

    1. Module 1, Lesson 1: Goals

    2. Module 1, Lesson 2: Caseload

    3. Module 1, Lesson 3: Digital Organization

    4. Extra video: Google Keep

    5. Extra video: ToDoist

    6. Extra video: Asana

    7. Extra video: Trello

    8. Extra video: LastPass

    9. Module 1, Lesson 4: Paper Organization

    10. Module 1, Lesson 5: Habits

    11. Module 1, Quiz

    12. Module 1, Additional Reading

    13. Module 1: Previous Office Hours

    1. Module 2, Lesson 1: Folders and Data

    2. How to use Speech Data by SPS

    3. Module 2, Lesson 2: Leveling

    4. Module 2, Lesson 3: Preparing Teachers & Parents

    5. Module 2, Lesson 4: Creating Groups

    6. Module 2, Lesson 5: Scheduling

    7. Module 2: Quiz

    8. Module 2: Additional Reading

    9. Module 2: Previous Office Hours

    1. Module 3, Lesson 1: Setting up for Lesson Planning

    2. Module 3, Lesson 2: Organizing Materials

    3. Module 3, Lesson 3: Creating a Lesson Plan

    4. Module 3, Lesson 4: Organizing Monthly Materials

    5. Module 3: Quiz

    6. Module 3: Additional Reading

    7. Module 3: Previous Office Hours

    1. Module 4, Lesson 1: Advanced Planning

    2. Doodle

    3. Module 4, Lesson 2: Teacher & Parent Input

    4. Module 4, Lesson 3: Informal Testing

    5. Module 4, Lesson 4: Writing the IEP

    6. Module 4: Additional Reading

    7. Module 4: Previous Office Hours

    1. Closing Video

    2. Certificate of Completion

    3. Want to be an affiliate?

About this course

  • 49 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content

Don't wait another year to finally feel confident!

  • $299.00

    One time payment

  • 3 Monthly payments of $105

    3 Monthly payments of $105